What is a study allowance?

There are three different kinds of study allowance (studiehjälp).

The different kinds are:

  • a student grant (studiebidrag)
  • a supplementary allowance (extra tillägg)
  • a boarding supplement (inackorderingstillägg).
This is how much you can receive each month
Amount, kronor
Student grant 1 050
Supplementary allowance* 285, 570 or 855
Boarding supplement* 1 190-2 350

*Only some people are eligible

Can you receive a study allowance?

You are eligible for a study allowance if you meet all of the following requirements:

  • You will be age 16-20.
  • You will be a full-time student.
  • You will be attending an upper secondary school, adult secondary education programme (Komvux) or folk high school.

Student grant

You will automatically receive a student grant. That means that you don't have to submit an application. You will receive a student grant starting in the quarter after you turn 16 until the spring semester of the year that you turn 20. If you are a foreign citizen you have to apply for the student grant. To apply you use the form "Ansökan om studiehjälp/Uppgifter för rätt till svenskt studiestöd" (form no. 4144M).

Example - Mary turns 16 on 20 July

Mary will start receiving a student grant on 1 October at the earliest. She received a child allowance previously. In other words, her child allowance becomes a student grant during the year that she turns 16.

Supplementary allowance

If your family needs a bigger grant, you may apply for a supplementary allowance. Whether you are eligible for a supplementary allowance and how much money you can receive depends on your finances and the finances of your parents.

Boarding supplement

If you will be living and studying someplace other than your home town, you may apply for a boarding supplement. The kinds of studies that you will be pursuing, as well as the distance between your parents' home and your school, determine whether you can receive a boarding supplement or not. How much money you are eligible for also depends on the distance between your parents' home and the school.

Latest updated: Nov 26, 2015