What studies qualify for student finance?

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Here you find lists of studies that qualify you for student finance.

You can also see what studies that do not qualify you for student finance.

Studies that qualify you for student finance

Compulsory and upper secondary education

This category includes studies at municipal upper secondary schools, adult secondary education programmes (Komvux), national adult education programmes, folk high schools and independent upper secondary schools.
See list of compulsory and upper secondary studies

Continuation courses and supplementary courses

This category includes continuation courses at adult secondary education programmes (Komvux), supplementary courses and some folk high school courses.
See list of continuation courses and supplementary courses

Prep year at college

This category includes colleges and universities that arrange preparatory courses.

Other post-secondary education

This category includes advanced vocation-oriented training courses (KY), folk high school recreation leader training, vocational courses at a folk high school lasting up to 80 weeks that are a continuation of upper secondary education, and other post-secondary education.
See list of other post-secondary studies

Studies that lead to a university degree

This category includes national colleges and universities, as well as municipal and private colleges.
See list of studies that lead to a university degree

You can also receive student grants and loans for studies abroad. Check out the menu to the left to find out more about studying abroad.

Studies that do not qualify you for student finance

You cannot receive student finance for:

  • contract education
  • post-graduate studies if you are or have been a doctoral student, or if you have received an educational grant for doctoral students
  • private studies, for example if you study for an exam without being enrolled in school
  • Swedish for Immigrants (sfi).

Who decides which studies qualify you for student finance?

Either the government or one of its agencies decides which studies qualify you for student finance. Approved Swedish studies appear in the Study Support Ordinance (Swedish Code of Statutes 2000:655) and its annex.

CSN also has an educational register of schools, courses and schedules.

Latest updated: Sep 19, 2017