Continuation courses and supplementary courses

The studies for which one may receive student aid are decided by either the government itself or the appropriate government bureau.

New courses are added and removed continuously and the list below is updated regularly. You will always find the current list of courses that one may receive student aid for in the appendix of the Study Support Ordinance. Unfortunately the Study Support Ordinance is only available in Swedish.
To the Study Support Ordinance (studiestödsförordningen 2000:655) - only in Swedish

Contact CSN for more information regarding which courses you may receive student aid for.

Continuation courses and supplementary courses that qualify you for financial aid for studies

  • Supplementary courses for which the Regulation on National Supplementary Courses Aid (Swedish Code of Statutes 2000:521) qualifies you for financial aid in accordance with Part A
  • Folk high schools, courses other than those listed under Compulsory and Upper Secondary Education or Other Post-secondary Education

Other schools and studies

  • Preparatory dance courses at compulsory schools
  • Gammelkroppa skogsskola (Gammelkroppa School of Forestry), in-service supervisor training
  • Samernas utbildningscentrum (Sami Educational Centre)
  • Flyinge AB, hovslagarutbildning (The Swedish Farrier School)
  • Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), inseminator instruction
  • Öster-Malma jaktvårdsskola (Öster-Malma Game Conservation School)
Latest updated: Feb 22, 2013