Studying abroad

To be eligible for student finance to study abroad, you must meet special requirements. The requirements differ depending on whether you are applying for student grants and loans or a study allowance.

Normally, only Swedish citizens are entitled to student aid for studies outside Sweden. However, CSN may make an exception from this rule for EEA nationals and their relatives.

Studies abroad if you are not a Swedish citizen

student grants and loans for studies abroad - basic requirements

  • Your studies must be at a certain rate. For studies outside EEA and Switzerland your study rate must be full time. For studies within EEA and Switzerland your study rate may also be part-time.
  • Your studies be for a certain amount of weeks. For studies outside EEA and Switzerland you must study at least thirteen weeks. For studies within EEA and Switzerland you must study at least three weeks.
  • You must have been a resident of Sweden for a continuous period of two years during the five years before you start to study. However, this requirement does not concern everyone.
  • You must be younger than 57.
  • You must have been admitted to a foreign school outside Sweden, and you must have the opportunity to earn a degree or take exams.
  • The course or school you plan to attend must have been approved for financial aid.
  • You must have student status in the country where you will be studying. In other words, you will not qualify if you are studying as part of a labour market programme.

Study allowance abroad - basic requirements

To be eligible for a study allowance, you must be planning to attend a school or course that has been approved for student finance.

If you plan to study outside the EEA countries and Switzerland, the following requirements also apply:

  • You must be a Swedish citizen or can be ranked in the same category as a Swedish citizen according to EU law.
  • You must have been a registered resident of Sweden for the last two years before starting to study abroad.
  • You must study full-time for at least three months.
  • Sweden offers no equivalent or similar studies. For instance, you cannot receive a study allowance to attend high school in the United States. But if you are living abroad with your family, certain circumstances permit you to receive a study allowance even if Sweden offers equivalent studies.
  • Your studies must clearly focus on a particular occupation or industry.
  • The studies you plan to take must have been approved by the country in which they are offered.
Latest updated: Sep 19, 2017