From application to payment

Here you can see what happens from that you apply for student aid to that you get your money.

Illustration that describes what happens from application to payment

1. Application

Use the service "Ansök om studiemedel" (Apply for student aid) in Mina sidor. The fastest way is to use your electronic identification, as you can sign and submit your application directly on the web site. You can also apply with your personal code.

2. CSN considers

CSN considers your application to see if you can be granted student aid.

Study achievement

If you have been studying with student aid before, CSN must know whether your study achievement is good enough. The school normally sends your study achievement to CSN. If not, you must include it with your application.

If information is missing

If anything is missing in your application, or if it contains information that is not correct, you need to submit more information. In that case, CSN will send you an inquiry.

3. Decision

Normally, you get your decision within a week if

  • your application is filled in correctly
  • you have submitted all necessary information
  • you meet the requirements to be entitled to student aid.

The decision will among other things tell you how much money you will get and when it will be paid out.

4. Study assurance

In order to receive your first student aid, you must submit a study assurance to certify that you are studying according to the decision. You can submit your study assurance in different ways:

  • in Mina sidor
  • in CSN:s app "CSN - Mina sidor"
  • with Talsvar (automated phone service) 0771-276 800
  • on the form entitled "Study Assurance".

5. Payment

You will receive your first student aid approximately one week after you and your school have submitted the required information. If you go to Mina sidor, you can see when the money will be coming.

Latest updated: May 13, 2014