Discounts and insurance

Here you find information about discounts for students and insurances.


When you study, you can get different discounts. You must generally show a card that proves you are studying and are entitled to the discount. There are two different cards:

  • Studentkortet
  • Mecenatkortet.

CSN does not administrate the discount cards. It is done by the card companies.

To the web site Studentkortet (in Swedish)
To the web site Mecenatkortet (in Swedish)


When you attend a Swedish college or university in Sweden, you will be covered by a group personal injury insurance policy through Kammarkollegiet (Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency).

To the web site Kammarkollegiet (in Swedish)

Are you studying at another school, you can ask your school if you have an insurance.

If you are studying abroad, it is important that you have an insurance. Costs for medical care can otherwise bli very expensive. From CSN you can apply for a loan for insurance.

Latest updated: Jan 07, 2016