How do you qualify to receive a home equipment loan?

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Here is some information about how you qualify to borrow money for home equipment.

In order for you to borrow money you must meet following conditions:

  • You must be covered by a municipal refugee reception programme. You are covered if you or a close relative have a residence permit for refugee-oriented reasons.
  • No more than two years may have passed since you first were received by a municipality.
  • You must be age 18 or older.

Borrowing together

If you are married or cohabiting with someone who is also entitled to home equipment loan, you must apply for a joint loan. You must even do so if your husband, wife or partner comes later and you need to apply for a supplementary loan. You are both obliged to repay the joint loan.

Can you borrow more money?

If you already have a home equipment loan, you can apply for a supplementary loan.

You can apply for a supplementary loan if:

  • you previously borrowed a smaller amount than you qualify for
  • you are moving from a furnished to an unfurnished flat
  • you have new children
  • a close relative moves in with you who is also covered by the municipal refugee reception programme. The relative may be your husband, wife, common law spouse or child under age 21. If you are married or cohabiting, you will receive a joint loan. In other words, you are both obligated to repay your loan to CSN.

You must apply for a supplementary loan within two years of having been initially received by the municipality.

Latest updated: Feb 22, 2013