How do you apply?

If you want to apply for a home equipment loan, contact a case officer at the Arbetsförmedlingen, refugee camp or municipal refugee centre.

You must apply for the loan within two years of the time that a municipality first received you. For instance, if you moved from a refugee camp to a municipality on 1 January 2015, CSN must receive your application by 1 January 2017. The same thing applies when you apply for a supplementary loan.

From application to payment

Here you can see what happens from that you apply for a home equipment loan to that you get your money.

Illustration that describes what happens from application to payment.

1. Application

A case officer at Arbetsförmedling, the refugee camp or municipal refugee reception center will help you fill in an application. The case officer will then submit your application to CSN.

2. CSN considers

CSN considers your application to see if you can be granted a home equipment loan.

If any information is missing from your application, CSN will contact the case officer who helped you fill in the application. Unless CSN can obtain the information from the case officer, we cannot make a decision about your application.

3. Decision

CSN will send the decision and other loan papers to the case officer at the refugee camp or municipality who helped you to fill in your application. You and the case officer must sign the papers. The case officer will return the papers to CSN.

4. Payment

You will get the money no earlier than one week before you move into your flat. CSN must have the signed papers before you can get any money.

Latest updated: Dec 16, 2014