Interest and loan charges

Here is some information about the interest rate on a home equipment loan and what kind of fees you have to pay when you have a loan.

The interest rate on a home equipment loan is decided by the government for each year. The interest that you pay is tax-deductible in your income-tax return.

The interest is calculated from the day that the money was sent to you. You don't have to repay anything during the first two years, but your debt will increase because the interest accumulates. The total interest for the first two years is added to your debt on the date that you have to start repaying. After that, the interest is based on your new total debt.

Loan charges

The first time that you borrow money for home equipment, you have to pay a 300 kronor handling charge. CSN deducts the charge from your loan. In other words, if you borrow 10 000 kronor, we send you 4 700 kronor.

When you apply for a supplementary loan, the handling charge is 100 kronor. We also deduct the charge from your loan.

Notification fee

CSN charges a notification fee when we send invoices to you. The fee is 30 kronor every three months. That comes to 120 kronor per year.

Reminder fee

If you don't pay an invoice on time, we charge a reminder fee.

Latest updated: Aug 18, 2017