Loans for additional costs

Students studying abroad can also apply for additional loans for:

  • tuition fees
  • travel costs
  • personal insurance
  • other costs directly related to the studies.

Loans for tuition fees

We grant loans for compulsory fees associated with studies, for example, costs for enrollment, courses, examinations and access to library and computer.

We do not grant additional loans for the following costs:

  • accommodation and food
  • fees for student unions
  • textbooks
  • consumables and study equipment
  • periods of study without fees, for example internship periods.

There is a maximum amount for tuition fees for all years of studies. Once the maximum amount is reached, it is not possible to borrow any more for tuition fees. There is a ceiling for studies at secondary level and another for studies at post-secondary level.

Maximum amount of loans for tuition fees in 2017, SEK
Post-secondary level 344,064
Secondary level* 114,688

* Students who lack three-year upper secondary education have a maximum amount of 172,032 SEK.

For courses shorter than 13 weeks, there is limited ability to take loans for tuition fees.

Latest updated: Jun 20, 2017