Student grants and loans is normally paid monthly in advance, most often four weeks at a time. In certain cases, we can pay for a whole semester at once.

Loans for travel costs and insurance are paid out three weeks before the start of the semester. Loan for tuition fees may also be paid out three weeks before the start of the semester, if the school requires the fees to be paid then.

Payments of grants and loans
Grant and loan Payment
Student grant and loan Monthly
Additional loan for studies abroad Monthly
Loan for travel costs Three weeks before the semester starts
Loan for insurance Three weeks before the semester starts
Loan for tuition fees Three weeks before the semester starts if requested by the school, otherwise monthly

We only pay student grants and loans directly to the student’s Swedish bank account, never to the school. Some schools want payment for a full academic year at a time. However, we request the students to try to split the payment to the school monthly or by semester. If your school does not accept payment of fees in instalments, the student must submit a certificate indicating this clearly.

Study assurance is required for payment

Before a student receives the first payment for the semester, he or she must submit a study assurance to CSN to certify that he or she is studying according to the information in the decision of student grants and loans.

If a student has received a decision covering several semesters, he or she must obtain a signature from the school on form 5504A, Study Assurance / School Signature, before receiving money for the second semester. By signing the study assurance the school certifies that the student is registered and will conduct his or her studies as specified on the form. The Study Assurance is an important control method for CSN to ensure that the student is present at the school and is studying what he or she has received student grants and loans for.

Latest updated: Sep 20, 2017