Are you having trouble repaying?

If you are having difficulties paying back your loan, you can apply to pay less. This is called reduction.

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Student loan since 1 July 2001

Student loan since 1 July 2001

You can submit an application to apply to pay less

  • if your income drops
  • if you have special reasons, i.e. if you have strong personal reasons. A special reason for example is that you are receiving income support for a long period of time.

On your reduction application you will need to write your income in Swedish kronor. Use the currency calculator in Mina sidor (only in Swedish) in order to receive correct calculations.

Calculating incomes in countries with a broken financial year

When you apply for reduction, you must calculate how much income you will receive. Most countries have the same assessment period as Sweden, i.e. your annual income is calculated from January to December. Some countries, for example Great Britain and Australia, have a so-called broken financial year. This means that they calculate annual income during another period.

In certain countries you cannot apply for reduction on the basis of income

In order to be granted reduction with consideration to your income, you must be able to provide evidence of your income afterwards, for example via a tax assessment. If you have income in a country where you cannot receive a tax assessment, for example Dubai or the United Arab Emirates, you cannot apply to pay less on the basis of your income. If you have difficulty in paying, you may apply for reduction only if you have special reasons.

Verification of income from abroad in the event of reduction

If you are entitled to pay a smaller amount on the basis of your income, CSN will subsequently make checks to verify your income level. We then work out whether or not you have paid the correct amount. If you live or have lived abroad, you must be able to verify your income. We will obtain details of your income in Sweden from the Swedish Tax Agency.

If you fail to provide proof of your income, we will not be able to take into consideration your income data as presented in your application for reduction. This means that you must pay the annual amount you had before you applied for reduction, plus an additional charge. If we receive verification of your income after we have made a decision as to your annual amount, we may reconsider our decision. This means that we may make a new decision taking into consideration your verified income data.

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