How do you pay?

You can repay your loan to CSN by Bankgiro, direct debit or electronic invoice.

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Student loan since 1 July 2001

Student loan since 1 July 2001

Pay by Bankgiro

Pay to Bankgiro number 5580-3084.

If you have received a demand for non-entitled student finance, pay to Bankgiro number 5175-4158.

If you pay online to one of our Bankgiro numbers, you must enter the OCR number which you will find on your repayment forms from CSN. The OCR number can also be found in Mina sidor under Mina betalningar, on the page Vad ska jag betala under året? If you cannot find the OCR number, you can instead write your personal identity number without a hyphen (ten numbers in a row).

Direct debit

If you want your loan repayments to be automatically withdrawn from your bank account, apply for direct debit. You can order the form:

  • in Mina sidor (only in Swedish)
  • by e-mail
  • over the phone.

CSN's e-mail addresses and phone numbers appear under Contact us.

If you order the form in Mina sidor, log in with your personal identity number and personal code or electronic identification.

Mail the form to CSN, but it is up to your bank whether you can pay by direct debit. Both CSN and the bank must send a confirmation to you before direct debit can start working.

You cannot pay a demand for non-entitled financial aid for studies by direct debit.

In Mina sidor under Min profil, you can choose whether you want to receive correspondence electronically or on paper. If you pay by direct debit, you can receive both your repayment plan and your annual statement electronically. By choosing electronic correspondence, you help protect the environment.

Change of bank or bank account

If you want to change bank or account number, you must contact your current bank.

Cancelling direct debit

If you wish to cancel your direct debit, you must contact your bank or send a written request to CSN (e-mail cannot be used).

Paying by electronic invoice

If you want to use electronic invoice for your repayments to CSN, you can sign up for this on your internet bank. We will then send your invoice directly to your internet bank. The only thing you need to do is to log on to the bank web site, review the invoice and confirm it. The invoice will then be paid automatically. You just need to sign up once, even if you have more than one loan.

After your electronic invoice request has been approved, you will receive an e-mail and a message to Mina meddelanden in Mina sidor (only in Swedish). You will also receive a new repayment plan. When you pay by electronic invoice, you will receive your payment plans electronically to Mina meddelanden. Every time a new repayment plan is available in Mina meddelanden, an e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address.

Keep the following in mind if you want to use electronic invoices:

  • If you are using direct debit, you must first cancel this before you can connect to the electronic invoice service.
  • You can only repay your own loans and demands for non-entitled financial aid via the electronic invoice service.
  • The e-mail address you use when you sign up for the electronic invoice will be the e-mail address we will use to contact you when new information is sent to Mina meddelanden in Mina sidor. If this e-mail address is different from the one already registered in Mina sidor, we will update your Mina sidor page with the new address.
  • If you have registered payments for the coming months in your internet bank, you have to unregister them. Otherwise it may be so that you pay twice to CSN.

You can see if your bank supports electronic invoice on Bankgirot (english).

Change of bank

If you change your bank and want to keep using electronic invoices, you must sign up for the service again on your new internet bank. That way, you do not have to cancel the service on your previous internet bank.

Cancelling electronic invoices

If you no longer wish to use electronic invoices for your repayments, you can cancel this service on your internet bank. You will then receive your payment form in the mail instead.

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