The CSN organisation

Sverigekarta kontor
Here is some information about CSN's organisation and management.

CSN's activities are broken down into two areas, each of which reports to a separate Government Ministry:

  • Student finance (Ministry of Education and Research)
  • Home Equipment Loans (Ministry of Employment).

CSN has approximately 900 employees. In addition to its head office in Sundsvall, CSN is active in 11 places throughout Sweden.

Organisation and management

CSN's Director-General is Christina Forsberg. The Director-General is always appointed by the government. There is an Oversight Council to her support.

The Oversight Council is also appointed by the government and serves as an advisory team to the Director-General. Another task of the Council is to ensure that the work of CSN remains under public and government control.

CSN has a staff management team that also provides support to the Director-General. CSN has seven different departments, each with its own director.

If you need to contact one of CSN's offices, their phone numbers and e-mail addresses appear above under Contact us.

Latest updated: Sep 28, 2017