The CSN staff management team consists of the Director-General, the Directors of the different departments, the Director of Staff and Chief of staff.

Christina Forsberg is the Acting Director-General of CSN. She is in charge of managing CSN's day-to-day activities with support from the staff management team and the Oversight Council.

CSN has seven departments:

  • Department of Payment
  • Department of Repayment
  • Customer Meeting
  • IT
  • Accounting and Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Law.

The members of the CSN staff management team are:

Christina Forsberg, Director-General, CSN

Karin Lissäng, Acting Manager for the Payment Department

Stefan Hall, Acting Manager for the Department of Repayment

Helena Gagner, chef för kundmötesavdelningen

Helena Gagner,Acting Director of Human Resources

Magnus Edlund, Director of IT

Jan Söderholm, chef för ekonomiavdelningen

Jan Söderholm, Director of Accounting and Payroll

Åke Svensson, chef för rättsavdelningen

Åke Svensson, Director of Law

Anna Lindholm, Chief of staff.

Göran Blomqvist, Director of Customer Meeting

Latest updated: Dec 20, 2016