Director General

Christina Forsberg is Director General of CSN and has overall responsibility for Swedish student finances. CSN pays more than SEK 30 billion a year in student finances and administrates study loans to the value of around SEK 200 billion.

Christina Forsberg is a qualified lawyer and has a long career in Swedish public administration under her belt. She started out as Senior Enforcement Officer (1995-2000) at the Swedish Enforcement Authority and oversaw the development of the legal work in Gävleborg County. She was subsequently promoted to various management positions within the Swedish Enforcement Authority including Enforcement Director in Gävle (2000-2005), Regional Enforcement Director in Eskilstuna (2005-2006) and Head of the Regional Enforcement Department in Eastern Sweden (2006-2008).

In 2008 the Swedish Government appointed Christina Forsberg as County Police Commissioner in Gävleborg. She was put in charge of 600 employees and during her tenure (2008-2014) conducted a comprehensive cultural overhaul within the police authority to get the personnel more actively involved in day-to-day activities. The results included increased confidence in victims of crime, improved service for the general public, fewer young people on suspicion of crime and less violence in public environments.

For her work at the police authority, Christina Forsberg was awarded the Leader of the Year (Årets Chef) accolade in 2015 by Swedish management and business magazine Chef. Since then she has been frequently engaged to speak on the topic of leadership. In 2016 she was voted one of Sweden’s 150 “super communicators” by Resumé trade magazine.

She joined CSN in 2015, initially as director of the Department of Payment, overseeing payments of student finance and study allowance. She was appointed Acting Director General of CSN by the government the same year.

Christina Forsberg devotes most of her spare time to the family. She likes to work out, mainly running and training classes at the gym.

Latest updated: Sep 28, 2017