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- We promote the production of knowledge. In other words, We contribute to Sweden's progress in the information age by supporting high-quality education and lifelong learning.

CSN has offices from Kiruna in the north all the way to Lund in the south. CSN employs approximately 1,000 people at 14 different offices. CSN's head office is in Sundsvall. A complete list of the offices appears under Contact us.

Our services

CSN approves and sends out Swedish student finance, which includes both grants and loans. People who go to school in either Sweden or abroad and need student finance are in touch with CSN. CSN is also responsible for arranging repayment of student loans.

CSN is also in charge of home equipment loans to people, primarily refugees, who are not Swedish citizens. A home equipment loan can be used to purchase furniture and kitchenware.

Our employees

CSN can offer you the opportunity to work in a number of different service areas. Find out more in the menu to the left under CSN as a workplace. That's also where you can get to know a few employees and see how they like working at CSN.

Our benefits

If you work for CSN, you will receive a number of attractive benefits. Find out more in the menu to the left under The benefits that CSN can offer you. Whenever CSN is looking for new employees, it places an announcement under Lediga jobb (only in Swedish).

Latest updated: Sep 28, 2017