User tips

CSN's goal is that the web site will be accessible and useful for as many people as possible. Information is available in various languages, including easy-to-read Swedish.

You can adjust the display window according to your own needs.

Change text size

You can change the text size on this web site with the settings in your web browser. For most browsers these days, you can do that by holding down the Ctrl key and spinning the scroll wheel on your mouse. If that doesn't work, you can change the text size as follows:

  • Firefox: Go to Text Size in the View menu. You can also press Ctrl++ to increase the text size or Ctrl+- to decrease the text size.
  • Internet Explorer: Go to Text Size in the View menu.

Printing pages

Use your web browser's built-in print function.

Downloading files

This web site contains documents that you can download in different file formats. We use the following formats: PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. To read the documents, you often need more programs than your web browser.

This web site uses PDF more than any of the other file formats for documents and forms. Adobe Reader is a free, widely used program to read PDF files. You can download the program from Adobe's web site.

If you don't have programs that read Word, Excel or PowerPoint files, you can download Microsoft Viewers free of charge.

Latest updated: Feb 28, 2013