Handling personal data

In order for CSN to be able to handle cases of financial aid for studies and home equipment loans you must submit certain personal data to us.

CSN is responsible for ensuring that your personal data is handled in the correct manner. In order to monitor the handling of personal data a personal data agent is employed at CSN. If you have any questions regarding the handling of your personal data, you can contact us via e-mail personuppgiftsombud@csn.se.

Right to request information

Once a year you have the right to request information from CSN with regard to the personal data we have handled concerning you. To request information about your personal data you must submit a written request. Sign the written request and send it to our head office. You can find the address under Contact us. You cannot request this information via e-mail.

Right to request amendment

You have the right to request amendment if you believe that CSN has incorrect personal information. Contact CSN if you wish to request amendment. Such inquiries should be sent via e-mail to personuppgiftsombud@csn.se.

E-mail correspondence and applications are public records

CSN is a Government authority. This means that applications, letters, e-mail and other notification sent to us are classed as public records. Even applications sent via Mina sidor are public records.

Public records can be released in accordance with the right-of-access principle. This means that all records are public property and that the general public and mass media have the right to access the contents of the records. If an e-mail or application contains information of a confidential nature, then CSN is not allowed to release the information.

As a Government authority CSN must release information to other authorities in accordance with the specific regulations concerning the liability to supply information. In these cases we must also release information of a confidential nature.

Information exchange with others

CSN obtains and releases personal data to other authorities and organisations.

Examples of information released by CSN:

  • To the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) - information about persons with financial aid for studies or about interruption of studies.
  • To the local Social Services Committee - information about student aid and home equipment loan received.
  • To Swedbank - information about payment of financial aid.
  • To the unemployment benefit fund (arbetslöshetskassorna) - information about the payment of financial aid, in order to check that different types of compensation are not paid out at the same time.
  • To the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) - information about addresses and statement of income regarding taxable subsidies, student aid debts and interest paid on demands for immediate payment.
  • To the Swedish Enforcement Authority (Kronofogden) - information which aids in the recovery of outstanding debts.
  • To debt collection firms - information in order to aid CSN in the recovery of outstanding debts abroad.
  • To card companies - proof of student aid in order to issue student discount cards.

Examples of information obtained by CSN:

  • From schools and the Swedish Council for Higher Education (Universitets- och högskolerådet) - information about persons accepted to educational courses.
  • From schools - information about study grades.
  • From the the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) - information about income.
  • From the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) - information about residence permits to determine the foreign citizen's right to financial aid.


Rules and regulations for the use of personal information are found in the

  • Study Support Data Protection Act (2009:287)
  • Study Support Data Protection Ordinance (2009:321)
  • Data Protection Act (1998:204)
  • Ordinance (1990:1361) on Home Equipment Loans for Refugees and certain other Foreigners.
Latest updated: Mar 24, 2014