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Applying for student grants and loans


Students must apply for student grants and loans through our service at Mina sidor (My pages). Applications may be submitted at any time during the year, but we grant the student a maximum of four weeks student aid retroactively if the application is received after the start of studies. We may grant an application for a maximum of one year of studies at a time.

Electronic application

Most students use electronic ID when applying for student aid. An application signed electronically is considered equal to an application signed by hand. The benefits of an electronic application is, for example, that students do not need to send documents by post, but can attach them in the online application.

Students who do not have electronic ID can apply using a personal code instead. This means that it takes a little longer to submit the application as it must be sent by post.

Attachments to the application

All students abroad have to send attachments with their application. The most common are, for example: proof of admission, proof of tuition fees, study periods and academic performance. We accept copies of grade reports and fees from student information systems, but proof of admission must be an official document signed by the school.

Students attending a language course should always send in the form Certificate of Admission (5509), corresponding to proof of admission.

Study results

To continue receiving student aid, students must complete their studies with approved results. Students who do not pass the CSN requirements can start receiving new grants and loans when they have passed our requirements. We may consider such circumstances that have affected the study results that the student has not been able to affect, such as illness.

Certificate of study funding

In order for students to be able to show that they are able to finance their studies, CSN may issue a certificate stating how much student aid they can get. The certificate is not a decision of student aid.

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