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How do you appeal against a decision?

Here is some information about how you appeal against a decision.

Do you think that CSN made a wrong decision about repayment of your loan? You can appeal against the decision to the county administrative court. The name of the county administrative court that will try your case appears in the appeal instructions of the decision.

For instance, you can appeal against a decision

  • if you believe that the annual amount specified in your yearly statement is wrong calculated. But if you are having trouble repaying the annual amount specified in your yearly statement, you should apply for a reduction of your annual amount instead.
  • if you believe that the amount CSN calculated based on a previous reduction of your annual amount is wrong.

How do you appeal?

Your appeal must be in writing. Mail it to CSN. We must get the appeal no later than three weeks after the date that you received the decision.

Include the following information in your appeal:

  • the decision that you want to be changed
  • the date of the decision
  • a description of the change that you want to be made
  • your name
  • your personal identity number
  • your address
  • your phone number.

Send your appeal to

CSN i Göteborg
Postgatan 13
403 39 Göteborg

What happens to your appeal?

When CSN receives your appeal, the first thing we do is check to make sure that it arrived on time. Your appeal will be considered only if it arrives by the deadline. After that, we will consider whether it can change the decision in the way that you have requested. If so, you will receive a new decision. Otherwise, we will turn your case over to the county administrative court.

Once the court has tried your case, it will send a ruling to you. Keep in mind that CSN's decision remains in effect until the court has made a new ruling. In other words, you have to keep repaying your loan to CSN even if you have appealed against a decision about a reduction of your annual amount or another matter.

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