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Studies outside Sweden

Many factors determine whether studies abroad qualify you for financial aid for studies. Here are some of the most important requirements.

In order to receive student aid, your studies must:

  • be at a certain rate. For studies outside EEA and Switzerland your study rate must be full-time. For studies within EEA and Switzerland your study rate may also be part-time.
  • be for a certain amount of weeks. For studies outside EEA and Switzerland you must study for at least thirteen weeks. For studies within EEA and Switzerland you must study for at least three weeks.
  • end with an exam or lead to a degree
  • be approved by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (if at the post-secondary level)
  • be approved by CSN (if at the upper secondary level)
  • be of sufficient quality - equivalent studies in Sweden must qualify for student aid.

If you are between 16-20 years old and will be attending upper secondary school abroad, you may apply for a study allowance. Your studies must be:

  • full-time for at least 15 days (if within EEA and Switzerland).
  • full-time for at least three months (if outside EEA and Switzerland).
  • run or supervised by the government (if within EEA and Switzerland).
  • approved by CSN (if outside EEA and Switzerland).

Normally, only Swedish citizens are entitled to student aid for studies outside Sweden. However, CSN may make an exception from this rule for EU nationals and their relatives.

Studies abroad if you are not a Swedish citizen

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