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Official statistics on student financing

Official Statistics of Sweden contains data that are essential for describing Sweden. Official statistics contribute to the development of our society by being objective and relevant.

CSN has been assigned by the Government to be responsible for official statistics describing student financing. As a government agency responsible for statistics, we ensure that our statistical data is

  • objective
  • documented
  • accompanied by a quality declaration.

Database with official statistics on student financing

Have you ever wondered which foreign countries are the most popular among students? Or the number of demands for non-entitled student finance?

In our database containing official statistics, you can find the answers to these questions, as well as loads of additional information on student financing.

The database contains official statistics on student grants and loans, study allowance (upper secondary student aid), apprenticeship allowance, study allowance for people with disabilities, and education entry grants.

You can also find official statistics on student loan debts, loan repayments, cancellations of debt, demands for non-entitled student finance, reduction of annual repayment amounts, and demands from the Swedish Enforcement Authority.

Student Loan Debts and Repayment of Student Finance:

These documents provide translations of table names and variables from Swedish to English (footnotes are not translated).

Table names in English (PDF) Pdf, 177 kB.

Variables in English (PDF) Pdf, 127 kB.

Official statistics is public and free of charge, according to the copyright terms stated in CC0.

Government agency network

There are about thirty government agencies in Sweden responsible for official statistics. Statistics Sweden (SCB) is responsible for coordinating and upholding the system for official statistics. To read more about what constitutes official statistics and the government agencies forming the network, visit Statistics Sweden’s website, where you can also find a calendar of upcoming releases.

All official statistics must bear the text Sweden’s official statistics and/or be marked with the official logo. The logo or the text Sweden’s official statistics may not be used in further processing of data found in official statistics.

Updated: 2024-04-08
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