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Processing of personal data

If you are applying for student finance, a home equipment loan or a driving licence loan from CSN, you must provide certain personal information. This is so that we can process and administer your cases. On this page you will find information about how we at CSN process your personal data and the legal basis for this. You can also read about your rights.

CSN’s responsibility

CSN is the entity responsible for personal data, and is responsible for processing your personal data in the right way. We have data protection officers who monitor this.

How we are allowed to process personal data

CSN is permitted to process personal data e.g. to deal with cases relating to student finance, home equipment loans and driving licence loans, as well as to administer our processing activities. We are also permitted to process personal data in order to report irregularities within student finance and driving licence loan operations, for example if we suspect benefit fraud. The legal basis for processing personal data is provided in the Student Finance Data Act (2009:287) and the Ordinance on home equipment loans for refugees and certain other foreigners (1990:1361).

As CSN is the statistical authority for the field of student finance, we also need to collect personal data in order to produce official statistics and other statistics in our field. The legal basis for processing personal data for statistics is provided in the Official Statistics Act (2001:99).

CSN is also permitted to process personal data if you apply for a job at CSN. The information that we process is, for example, name, personal identification number and other personal information in your application. The legal basis for processing personal data can be found in the Public Employment Act (1994: 260).

Your rights

You are entitled to receive information regarding what personal information about you we process. You are also entitled to request that we correct or delete your personal information. In addition, you are entitled to request that we limit the processing of your personal data, as well as to object to the fact that we are processing your personal data.

Request information about personal data

If you would like to know what personal data about you we process, you can send us a letter or e-mail. Send letters to CSN, Registrator, 851 82 Sundsvall, and send e-mails to registrator@csn.se.

Request correction, deletion and limitation

If you want to ask us to correct, delete or limit the processing of your personal data, please contact our data protection officer. The same applies if you wish to object to us processing your personal data. However, it is unlikely that we will be able to grant such a request, since CSN is entitled to process all the personal data required for management and administration.

Send your request by e-mail to our data protection officer at dataskyddsombud@csn.se.

Questions about your personal data?

Do you have any questions about your personal data that are not answered on this page? Please contact our data protection officer at dataskyddsombud@csn.se.

We delete personal data after a certain period of time

There are special rules regarding the deleting of personal data. Deleting means that CSN will remove personal data related to student finance cases. If you have taken out a loan with us, we will delete your personal data no later than two years after you have paid off your loan or after the debt has been settled in some other way. If you have only received grants, we will delete your personal data no later than three years after we last paid out student finance or rejected your application. There are also some exceptions that entitle us to process certain data for a longer period of time. This applies e.g. to the personal data that CSN retains for statistical purposes.

If you have applied for a vacant position at CSN, we will delete your application documents with associated personal data no later than two years after the employment decision has taken legal effect. If you have appealed an employment decision or obtained a job at CSN, we have the right to preserve your personal data.

The deleting of data is carried out automatically because the vast majority of the personal data that we process is contained in our computer systems.

The Swedish Data Protection Authority monitors how authorities process personal data

The Swedish Data Protection Authority is the supervisory authority with regard to the processing of personal data. This means that they monitor how other authorities process personal data, checking that this is done in the correct way.

This is the body you can turn to if you are not satisfied with the way CSN is processing your personal data.

Rules regarding personal data

Rules regarding how we may process your personal data can be found in the following laws and ordinances:

  • Student Finance Data Act (2009:287)
  • Student Finance Data Ordinance (2009:321)
  • Ordinance on home equipment loans for refugees and certain other foreigners (1990:1361)
  • Official Statistics Act (2001:99)
  • Official Statistics Ordinance (2001:100)
  • Data Protection Regulation: Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

E-mails and applications are public documents

CSN is a government agency. This means that applications, letters, e-mails and other messages sent to us will be public documents. Applications sent in Mina sidor (My Pages) will also be public documents.

Public documents may be disclosed in accordance with the principle of public access to official documents. This means that the documents are public and that the general public and the media are entitled to access their content.


If applications, letters, e-mails or messages contain information that is covered by confidentiality, we are not permitted to disclose them to the public or the media. However, as a government agency, CSN must disclose information to other authorities according to special provisions on reporting requirements. In such circumstances, we also have to disclose confidential information.

We exchange information with others

CSN provides personal data to other authorities and organisations, and also acquires personal data.

Examples of data that CSN provides

CSN provides data

  • to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) – information about individuals receiving student finance or about interruptions in studies
  • to social services – information about granted student finance and home equipment loans
  • to Swedbank – information about the payment of student finance
  • to the unemployment insurance funds – information about the payment of student finance in order to verify that different benefits are not being paid out at the same time
  • to the Swedish Tax Agency – address details and income statements regarding paid out taxable grants, study debts and paid recovery interest
  • to the Swedish Enforcement Authority – information to enable the Authority to recover claims
  • to debt collection agencies – information to enable them to recover foreign claims on CSN’s behalf
  • to card companies – information to enable them to distribute evidence of student finance for studies (discount cards).

Examples of data that CSN acquires

CSN acquires data

  • from schools and the Swedish Council for Higher Education – information about people admitted to courses.
  • from schools – information about registrations and study results.
  • from the Swedish Tax Agency – personal data and information about income.
  • from the Swedish Migration Agency – information about residence permits in order to assess foreign nationals’ entitlement to receive student finance.
  • from the Enforcement Authority – information about debts.

If you have received a driving licence loan from CSN, we will acquire and provide information from and to e.g. the Swedish Public Employment Service, the Swedish Transport Administration and driving schools.

Data that is saved when you visit csn.se

When you visit a page at www.csn.se, we will save information about your IP address, browser and operating system. This data is sent automatically from your browser to our servers, where it is then saved in a log. We use this information to ensure that our services work as they should and to produce statistics.

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