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Repaying your loan

When two years have passed since you received your home equipment loan, you have to start repaying it.

How long you have to repay your loan depends on the size of your debt. Your repayment period can be anywhere from 1 to 7 years.

You will receive yearly statements showing what your current debt is and how much you repaid the year before.

Before you begin repaying, you will receive invoices from CSN showing the exact amount.

Check out the menu to the left to learn more about how to repay your loan, how much it costs every year and what to do if you have trouble repaying.

You will pay interest on your loan

You will repay your loan to CSN with interest. The interest is calculated from the date that you are sent the money until your loan is fully paid off. The interest rate is decided by the government for each year.

How do you pay?

CSN will send three invoices to you at a time for the next three months. Pay one invoice each month. Make sure to pay the right invoice.

In other words, pay the invoice that says January at the end of January, etc.

If you would rather pay once every three months, every six months or every year, contact CSN.


Pay the invoices that CSN sends to you by Bankgiro.

The Bankgiro number is 5201-1053.

Do you need new invoices?

If you need new invoices, contact CSN or order them in:

Pay from abroad

Will you be paying your invoices from a country other than Sweden? There are several ways for you to pay. If it costs extra to pay from abroad, you are responsible for those fees. You are also responsible for costs associated with exchange rates.

If you are living in a country other than Sweden, you can pay to our account at Danske Bank:

Within the EUS/EES + Switzerland

You make the payment via IBAN SE2512000000012810111871. Write an OCR number as the sender. If you don´t have an OCR number, write your personal identity number.

Outside the EU/EES

You make the payment via BIC/SWIFT account no 12810111871 DABASESX. Write an OCR number as the sender. If you don´t have an OCR number, write your personal identity number.

Some countries need the address to our bank as well. The address to Danske Bank is Norrmalmstorg 1, 103 92 Stockholm, Sweden.


Any cost incurred when making a payment from abroad are paid by the borrower. Any exchange rate gains or losses will fall on the borrower.

Extra payments

If you want to start repaying your home equipment loan before receiving any invoices from CSN or if you want to repay faster, you can make extra payments.


If you need extra payment forms, contact CSN or order them in:

Repaying the entire loan

If you want to repay your entire loan earlier than planned, contact CSN or order an invoice in:

We will calculate the exact amount that you have to pay for your loan to be paid in full. We will then send you an invoice for that amount.

Are you having trouble repaying?

Are you having trouble repaying your home equipment loan because your income is too low?

You can apply to pay a smaller monthly amount (reduced payment) for a year or stop paying (deferred payment) for a year. You must reapply each year that you want to pay less or not at all.

When can you pay less or not at all?

If your family's income is below a certain amount, you have the right to reduced or deferred payment. The maximum income depends on the size of your family. The table below shows the rules for 2018.

Skriv tabellbeskrivning här

Size of your family

Maximum income for deferred payment in 2017 (kronor)

1 adult

127 400

1 adult + 1 child

145 600

1 adult + 2 children

163 800

1 adult + 3 children

182 000

1 adult + more than 3 children

200 200

2 adults

182 000

2 adults + 1 child

227 500

2 adults + 2 children

273 000

2 adults + 3 children

318 500

2 adults + more than 3 children

364 000

Other rules apply if you are living outside Sweden. If you want to know more about the rules, contact CSN.

Interest accumulates

Keep in mind that interest accumulates during the time that your payment is deferred. In other words, your total debt will be larger if you don't pay anything. So it might be a better idea to pay a little every month. You can also make voluntary payments during the time that your payment is deferred.

What is included in your income?

When CSN checks whether you qualify for reduced or deferred payment, it looks at your family's total taxable annual income. Income includes wages, unemployment benefits, parents' allowance and taxable care allowance, as well as dividends or capital gains on shares, mutual funds, etc. Social allowance is not included. All income is before taxes.

CSN receives an income statement for you from the Swedish Tax Agency. If it turns out that you submitted an inaccurate income statement so that you didn't qualify for reduced or deferred payment, we can require you to repay the money. So it's important to tell us as soon as possible if your income changes during the year that you have reduced or deferred payment.

How do you apply?

If you want to apply for reduced or deferred payment, submit an application form. The application form will come with your first payment forms. You can also order the application form in

Interest and loan charges

Here is some information about the interest rate on a home equipment loan and what kind of fees you have to pay when you have a loan.

The interest rate on a home equipment loan is decided by the government for each year. The interest that you pay is tax-deductible in your income-tax return.

The interest is calculated from the day that the money was sent to you. You don't have to repay anything during the first two years, but your debt will increase because the interest accumulates. The total interest for the first two years is added to your debt on the date that you have to start repaying. After that, the interest is based on your new total debt.

Loan charges

The first time that you borrow money for home equipment, you have to pay a 300 kronor handling charge. CSN deducts the charge from your loan. In other words, if you borrow 10 000 kronor, we send you 9 700 kronor.

When you apply for a supplementary loan, the handling charge is 100 kronor. We also deduct the charge from your loan.

Notification fee

CSN charges a notification fee when we send invoices to you. The fee is 30 kronor every time we send the invoices.

Reminder fee

If you don't pay an invoice on time, we charge a reminder fee.

When can your loan be cancelled?

You can apply for cancellation of your home equipment loan, for example if you can not repay your loan due to a disease or disability. When CSN decide if your loan can be cancelled, we also take into consideration your income.

If you are the only borrower, CSN can cancel the entire debt. If you share your loan with someone else and only one of you qualifies for cancellation, we cancel half of the debt. The borrower who does not qualify for cancellation is entirely responsible for the half of the debt that remains.

If you die, we automatically cancel your loan.

If you have any questions or want an application form for cancellation of your loan, contact CSN

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