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Study allowance for upper secondary school studies outside Sweden

Study allowance is a grant that you can receive when studying at upper secondary level, at most up to and including the first calendar half-year in the year in which you turn 20. The conditions for obtaining study allowance outside Sweden vary depending on whether you are studying within or outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland. There are also different conditions depending on whether you are a Swedish or a foreign citizen.

Study allowance consists of four different grants:

  • student grant
  • boarding supplement, if you cannot live at home when you are studying
  • supplementary allowance, if your family has a low income
  • daily travel allowance, if you are living at home with your parents and travelling to school by public transport.

The student grant is SEK 1 250 per month, and is usually paid for the months you are studying full time. You can receive a student grant at the earliest from the quarter after you turn 16. The size of the other grants varies depending on your situation.

To be entitled to study allowance, you have to be studying full time. In the event of invalid absence, your student grant may be withdrawn and you may need to repay the grant you have received, which you are not entitled to as a result of skipping school.

Once you turn 18, you will receive the money yourself. Until then, we usually pay it out to the guardian who last received the child allowance for you. You can receive study allowance at most until the first calendar half-year in the year you turn 20.

If you are a foreign citizen, you have to meet particular conditions to be entitled to Swedish student finance for studies outside Sweden.

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Apply for study allowance on the form "Ansökan om studiehjälp för studier utanför Sverige (5101M)" (Application for study allowance for studies outside Sweden).

If you want to apply for supplementary allowance or daily travel allowance, you can order forms from CSN.

Updated: 2022-04-04
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