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Are you planning to study again?

You will normally not have to repay your loan while you are in school.

If you begin studying again with student grants and loans from CSN, you do not normally need to make any payments on your loan during the time that you are studying. You receive an automatic reduction of your debited annual amount.

You do not need to apply to receive the reduction whilst you are studying. When we decide that you shall receive student aid, we simultaneously ensure that you do not need to pay during the period when you are receiving student aid. You then receive a decision regarding the reduction due to the studies. You should therefore remember to apply for student aid well in advance.

If you have unpaid amounts from previous studies or a demand, they must be paid even if you receive a reduction.

Studying without student grants and loans

Are you going to study without student grants and loans or have you received a rejection of your student aid application? In that case you do not receive an automatic reduction of your debited annual amount. You may apply for a reduction based on your income instead.

Have you received an inpayment form for the period that you shall study?

What is stated on the inpayment form applies until we have decided whether you shall receive a reduction because of your studies. Since you do not normally need to pay your loan at the same time that you study, you can wait and see whether the decision arrives before the last payment date. It is stated in the decision whether or not you need to pay the amount on the inpayment form.

Different amounts in yearly statement and decision?

At the beginning of a new year you always receive a yearly statement which states how much you shall pay during the year. It might be stated in the yearly statement that you shall make payment despite you having received a decision regarding a reduction. You shall then look at the date for the yearly statement and the decision. The yearly statement shall usually have an earlier date. It is always the decision with the most recent date that applies.

When do you start to pay again?

If you studied once previously and have begun to study again, you normally do not receive any new payment-free period when you finish studying.

Doctoral student or officer training

You can also receive a reduction because of studies if you

  • are receiving a study grant for doctoral students
  • participating in an education for reserve or regular officer.

In order for you to be able to receive a reduction because of studies, you must apply for it. If your application applies to studies during 2016, it shall have been received by CSN by 30 November 2017 at the latest. If you want to apply for a reduction because of studies during 2015, the last date for application is 30 November 2016. You must certify the period of education with a certificate from the higher education institution or the person who is responsible for the education.

You can order the application form for reduction

  • in Mina sidor (only in Swedish)
  • by e-mail
  • over the phone.

You find phone numbers and addresses under Contact us.

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